The Singers

DSC_4651_smallThe Seraphim Singers welcomes seasoned musicians from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. The ensemble consists mostly of organists, composers, and other professional musicians whose knowledge and experience nourishes a passion for arresting and demanding repertoire. However, our ranks also include engineers, professors, corporate professionals, and students who offer their musical talents to the ensemble.

If you are interested in auditioning for The Seraphim Singers, please contact us. Most auditions of potential members are conducted during the summer for the upcoming season. However, new singers can join the ensemble at the start of each of our three concert cycles within the season.

Jennifer Lester, Music Director

Harriet Bridges
Julie Button
Karissa Kozoh
Cinda Lavely
Rachael Luther
Laura Mattal
Wendy Perrotta
Kathy Planeta
Leslie Price
Emily Smith-Sturr
Eileen Sweeney
Margaret Angelini
Rita Budwey
Barbara Ehrmann
Martha Heddon
Kelly Hopkins
Teri Kowiak
Alison LaRosa Montez
Nicole Ruttan
Laurie Szablewski
Martha Zirbel
Patricio Aguilera
Robert Barney
Luca Daniel
Ryan Lynch
Paul Mattal
Tom Manguem
Mark Nemeskal
Daryl Bichel
Michael Budwey
Eli Gerstenlauer
Taras Leschishin
John Nesby
Charles Oliver
John Salisbury
John Totter